# Custom Images

This guide aims to help you create your own custom images so that they render correctly in the game.

# Background Texture

This texture is pretty straight forward to create. It can be any size you want, but I recommend a minimum size of 1920px x 1080px.

This file must either be a JPG, PNG or GIF.

I don't recommend changing this file at all. Because of how Minecraft renders the logo, it's a tricky texture to create. If you really want to do it, use the included mojang logo as a template. The image size must be 512px by 512px and in PNG format.

This logo isn't as tricky. It just needs to be 512px x 512px and be in a PNG format.

# Progress Bar Texture

This applies to both the BossBar and Custom progress bar. Your texture needs to be 400px x 10px (unless you're using a background overlay) in a PNG format. This also applies to the CustomBarBackgroundTexture